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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/23/11

Wednesday 3/23/11

Episode: 2898

Location: SMU – Athletic Forum

The Mix: “Everyone loves a man smelling like peppermint on the beach.” - Norm

The Open: “When is the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror after a shower?” The show is at the SMU Athletic Forum with special guest Bill Simmons. Dan saw Jamey Newberg and talked to him, he has thick black hair. Dan started to follow Jamey Newberg on Twitter, this is news for some apparent reason. TC wants to meet Bill Simmons, and here is his formal attire.

12:40 – Dez Bryant: Dez Bryant has reportedly been banned from North Park mall for cursing at security for making him pull up his pants because he was sagging his pants so much that you could see his underwear. It’s hard to report this with a straight face. Security asked him to leave, he got his car from valet and just sat in it in the fire lane until his “representatives” arrived. The first incident at North Park was a disagreement he got in with a girl at P.F. Chang’s; this was followed by him trying to cut in line at the Apple Store. He’s reportedly not allowed to go to North Park for 90 days; how do you really enforce that?

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Survivor talk, they guys think that “the suits” are ruining the show. Too many gimmick seasons that involve characters that have been on the show multiple times. It’s turning into a MTV type show like Road Rules/Real World. Dan still claims that Lights Out is still his favorite bad show to watch. They’re working every single boxing story from the past into the show.

1:15 – TiVo Jr: Bob likes Chicago Code, and not for the same reason that Dan likes Lights Out. Now Dan goes back to some Trump Roast talk. Here is some video of The Situation bombing so hard. Spoiler Alert: He gets booed off the stage.

1:30 – Bill Simmons: The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, joins the show live for a special interview. They reminisce about how the start of all day sports radio started and how it’s evolved over that past decade. The podcast has become a great new sports talk medium, a medium in which you can have real conversations without having to go to breaks every 8 minutes. It’s hard to predict the new medium but Bill is working on a new website, aside from ESPN, that will have a blend of sports and pop-culture. In 1996 he left the Boston Herald, smoked a lot of pot and worked at a bar until he started his own site, He began writing about things that no one else was writing about. ESPN launched Page 2 and asked Bill to write a column on Nomar after he wrote a running diary of the ESPYs which found its way into the right hands. Thus is the legend of Bill Simmons.

2:20 – Jon Daniels: Jon joins the show from Surprise, Arizona. With everyone ready to get the season started, Jon says that there is really no talk about shortening spring training by any great amount. Regarding Neftali Feliz, what it comes down to is which position allows the team to be better and it’s not out of the question to move him around. Neftali is at the age where we could be having this conversation again next year. Two years ago, everyone thought that Chris Davis was going to take 1st base a run with it but his slide and Mitch Moreland’s post-season success has propelled him into the starting role. On the other hand, Davis has had one of the more productive spring trainings of everyone.

2:40 – The Musers Campout: Dan complains about camping. Predictable. Dan accuses Bob of being an Uncle Tom. Bob will not drink his personalized bottle of Woodford Reserve. They’re going to recreate Surviving the Game. Donovan hates that idea. Rich is going to be the campout cook. Corby will be wasted very early. Killer won’t be there. Who’s going to set up all the tents?

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1775, Patrick Henry claimed “Give me liberty or give me death!” Happy Birthday to Danny Balis – The Dark Cloud – Jason Kidd, It’s OK She’s My Mom, Moses Malone and John Wayne Bobbit. Spares are Carl Pickens and George Scott. RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

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