Thursday, March 31, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/31/11

Thursday 3/31/11

Episode: 2904

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Just remember, Ernie Irvin 28.” - Bob

The Open: “Bob Sturm, sports expert” “Dan McDowell, sports humorist” “Grubes, drop artist” George Dunham is in the studio for no apparent reason. They give him hell over North Texas’ new stadium – George is the voice of the Mean Green football team. It’s baseball opening day! Except it’s on a Thursday not a Monday. George wants to get in a twitter war with Bob.

12:40 – Rangers Preview: Evan Grant is in studio for this Rangers Preview. This is 3 years in a row that the Rangers have had Opening Day at home. The Rangers play the Red Sox on ESPN tomorrow, Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine will call the game. Evan doesn’t like Orel. In reference to the starting rotation, it’s the same old story. We have questions at the back of the rotation. Once the top of the line starters went off the market in the off-season, focus was set on creating a rotation out of the pieces they had in place. Adrian Beltre is primed to be an impact acquisition for the Rangers. He is an upgrade at defense from Mike Young and an increase in power.

1:00 – Rangers Preview: Mason Tobin is on the roster, a rule 5 draft pick. He has yet to pitch above Class A and has a spot in the bullpen. Josh Hamilton is a former rule 5 draft pick. AL West Preview: The other teams starting rotation seems to be better than the Rangers. The Mariners, that’s all they have. The A’s and the Angels are the main competition. The A’s have the youngest yet strongest rotation and don’t sleep on the Angels’ acquiring Vernon Wells. The A’s lineup isn’t scary. Evan thinks that a team will have to win 90 games to win the division. The Rangers have the strongest and most flexible lineup in the division. To the phones: “Who do you think will be available for the Rangers to go out and get at the trade deadline?” Evan thinks Chris Carpenter and Josh Johnson are candidates.

1:20 – ESPN’s Top Opening Day Moments: Dan has a problem with the Top 2. #2 Frank Robinson being the first black manager. #1 Jackie Robinson being the first black player. Dan thinks it’s overkill, it’s like baseball is trying to overcompensate for its past. Dan’s main point, “Is an opening day no-hitter not as great as baseball being less racist?”

1:40 – BaD Radio Reports: Ralph Strangis calls in for this edition of BaD Radio Reports. Ralph, at the behest of Bob and Dan, watched the movie “Surviving the Game”, starring Ice-T. It came out in 1994 and it is about a homeless man who attempts to commit suicide but is rescued and given a job as a “hunting guide”. He is flown out to the middle of nowhere for this hunting expedition. Little does he know that he is the game that the rich white guys will be hunting. If he survives, he gets to go back to civilization. He turns out to be savvier than the previous homeless people that they’ve killed. At one point Ice-T gets into a fist fight with Gary Busey, it’s filled with action-movie cliché.

2:00 – Stars Talk: Ralph stays on the phone to talk some Stars with Bob and Dan. It’s not impossible for the Stars to make the playoffs, but for a team that’s won 2 of their last 10, you don’t know if they have it in them to make a run. 7 games left, 3 points behind Chicago for the 8th spot. The Stars need to win 2 of the last 3 on this road trip to have a chance. They’re all must wins from here on out.

2:20 – Sports Stories: MLB has selected two guys that will watch every single game of the MLB season. They’re holed up in the MLB mancave with 15 flat screen tvs and will blog, tweet and report on every single game. They’re getting paid between bat boy money and the major league minimum. They have to be there whenever any game is on. Talk about a beating. Story number 2. Last year, during the Rangers playoff run, Bob joked that fans should sacrifice a chicken. Two teenagers from Fort Worth actually sacrificed some chickens for luck during their high school baseball season.

2:40 – Mavs Talk: With a win tonight against the Lakers, the Mavs will move into 2nd place over said Lakers. It will be interesting to see how much play Roddy B gets against the Lakers; it has been common for the leash to get a little tighter whenever the Mavs play the top tier teams. With Tyson Chandler a little banged up, Brendan Haywood has gotten some serious minutes. It’s gotten to the point where any production out of Haywood is welcome. J.J. Barea is dating Miss Universe and he was obviously trying to impress her last night when he took over the game in the second half and led the Mavs to a victory over the Clippers.

3:00 – WTDS: “Shouldn’t they make phones that match your penis?” – Corby. On this day in 1968, LBJ announced that he would not seek re-election. Happy Birthday to Pavel Bure, Steve Smith, Gordie Howe, Herb Alpert, Thomas Hayden Church, Toilet Girl, Al Gore, Shirley Jones, Gabe Kaplan and Ewan McGregor. Spares include Jimmy Johnson, JR Reid and John Taylor. RIP to Henry Morgan.

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