Thursday, March 31, 2011

Youtube Scouting Episode #2

I hope you had a chance to take a look at our first batch of videos in Episode #1 of our Youtube Scouting Series . On that entry, we examined JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan, Tyron Smith, and Nate Solder. We also provided a number of disclaimers about the problems with scouting through youtube and small sample sizes.

That being said, it appears many of you enjoyed the exercise, and really, since none of us are actually making selections on April 28th, what is the harm of just trying to improve our football and 2011 draft IQ's?

So, here is another fresh batch of players and videos for you to consider with your eyeballs. All of these players will be what I consider "players of interest" for the Dallas Cowboys. Most will be 1st Round players, but as we go, I do want to try to share some videos from players that may be around in Round 2 and Round 3 as well. After that (roughly the top 100 players), I will leave it to the full-time draft gurus to sift for potential 6th rounders. I just can't go that deep.

2 Players that I think the Cowboys are at least considering in the 1st Round and 3 more players that are all thought of as 1st or 2nd Round guys who are in positions of interest and might be beneficial to have on your radar.

Gabe Carimi - T - Wisconsin - 6'7/315 - I believe that Tyron Smith is the tackle the Cowboys should be taking. However, if they did end up trading down and wanting a more "ready-made" tackle who can start and perform the desirable "plug and play" at Right Tackle from Day 1 and give you steady and competent play from his first start, then Carimi is your guy. I have watched him rather closely this season and have felt he was ideal for Dallas back in September. He has a very nasty disposition and likely is more exceptional at run blocking, but can handle himself in the pass protection game as well. People worry about his ability to play Left Tackle in the NFL and also discount him for having a limited "upside". He is what he will be. And that should be pretty darn solid. I hate to be so predictable, but the player he reminds me of on many levels is Doug Free. And would that be such a bad thing? Anyway, below, he plays against two players who are both thought of as possible 1st Rounders. Iowa's Adrian Clayborn and Ohio State's Cameron Heyward. See what you think against two NFL caliber DEs.

Robert Quinn - DE - North Carolina - 6'5/270 - Here is where your scouting report really needs to know what it is doing. Robert Quinn may be a better player than Von Miller as a potential sack machine from the edge of a 3-4 defense, but he has some very unique and somewhat disconcerting details to consider. 1) - In High School was treated for a benign brain tumor and made a full recovery. And 2) - missed the entire 2010 season because of his part in an illegal agent scandal while at North Carolina. Both of these issues, as different and unique that they are, can cause teams to move you down their board. However, if you can simply consider the player as a dominating OLB that could be a "special" player to insure you against Anthony Spencer's future (he is a free agent after 2011) then you see why the Cowboys (pick #9), Redskins (pick #10), and Texans (pick #11) are all 3-4 teams that are salivating at what appears to potentially be a DeMarcus Ware clone on the edge. I will grant you that the Cowboys would then have a log jam at OLB, but perhaps only in 2011. However, I think as a NFL GM, you cannot turn down special players very often. So, pass Quinn up if you determine he is not that great. But, don't pass on him because you think you are set at that spot. Spencer has not been good enough to think that way.

Anthony Castonzo - T - Boston College - 6'7/295 - Another of the tackle class, but I am not nearly as convinced as some are on Castonzo's game. His best trait seems to be his versatility and his pedigree (Boston College linemen always get the benefit of the doubt because of those who came before them). But, I did not like what I saw on the tape I have watched and his performance at the Senior Bowl was certainly mixed. Before you rate him fully on this one tape, please consider that he is going against Quinn (who seemed to dominate just about everyone in his path at the college level) and that the tape is from 2009. Castonzo is better than this.

Cameron Heyward - DE - Ohio State - 6'5/288 - When you look at players that have the ability to play the DE in a 3-4 (The 5 technique) then both Camerons (Heyward and Jordan) do jump out at you because of their skill sets. Cameron Jordan is the better of the two from what I have seen, but Heyward is a player that could possibly be in play late in the 1st Round and a slight chance he would be around early in the 2nd Round.

Adrian Clayborn - DE - Iowa - 6'4/285 - A rather classic 3-down DE in a 4-3 Defense. I cannot see him being a 10 sack guy in the NFL, but you can certainly see him causing havoc in the backfield against the run and pass. Another 1st Round DE, and certainly a guy who appears to be somewhat of a finished product. You can feel rather safe with a pick like this, because he is what he will be. He does have a fair number of questions about why his production fell off so far in 2010 from his very explosive 2009.

Gabe Carimi - LT - #68 vs Adrian Clayborn - RDE - #94

Gabe Carimi - LT - #68 vs Cameron Heyward - RDE - #97

Anthony Castonzo - LT - #74 vs Robert Quinn - RDE - #42 - 2009 Tape

Virginia vs Robert Quinn - RDE - #42 - 2009 Tape

OK, you know the drill. Examine the tape and evaluate what you like and don't like. Especially Carimi and Quinn. Do you like what you see? Comment below.

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