Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BaD Radio - Recap - 3/16/11

Wednesday 3/16/11

Episode: 2893

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Get the pause ready.” – Dan (referring to TV in Central America)

The Open: “You had me at Meat Tornado.” Nate Dogg has passed away at age 41, I’m sorry Donnie. Now a moment of silence for the rest of The Open.

12:40 – NFL Talk: Adrian Peterson recently compared the NFL to modern-day slavery. He might have a good point but when you use the word “slavery”, you’ve discredited everything else that you’re going to say. Jerry Jones is in the latest edition of Sports Illustrated and has said that “[the owners] will have to show [the players] that they mean business [when it comes to the lockout]”. The players currently make around 60% of the revenue, in any other business, that is a ridiculous amount of money. Tired head.

1:00 – TiVo Talk: Talk starts out with the Roast of Donald Trump. The Situation sucked so hard as a roaster, he pretty much got booed off the stage. Dan is out on The Chicago Code. Idris Elba, from The Wire, has a show on BBC called Luther. It’s worth a shot. Dan tries to get Bob into 30 Rock.

1:20 – Mavs Talk: The Mavs lost last night on the road to Portland, a potential first round matchup. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldrich were unstoppable against the Mavericks. The Trail Blazers are a dangerous team come playoff time. The Mavs shot 60% last night but the Trail Blazers had 15 Offensive Rebounds.

1:40 – Five Minute Major: The Stars got doubled up, 6-3, by the San Jose Sharks. The Stars led this game 2-0 and were tied 2-2 going into the 3rd Period. Louis Eriksson had to leave the game with a concussion and there were a lot of elbows flying at a lot of heads last night. Steve Ott wasn’t too happy after the game, saying something needs to be done about the headshots in hockey. It’s hard to govern a collision sport like hockey; it’s worse now that players are stronger and faster. Force = Mass x Acceleration.

2:00 – Derek “The Dutch Oven” Holland: He joins the show from Spring Training to talk with Robert and Daniel. His off season included going to hockey and basketball games. He loves sports and lamp. His favorite team in the Columbus Blue Jackets, he grew up in Ohio yet he hates Ohio State and is a Michigan fan. Dan asks him to compare the pressure of competing for a spot in the roster versus pitching in the playoffs, Derek says he treats it as a job. He takes everything said about him with a grain of salt, a wise stance for a young guy. Then it goes wheels off. Wow.

2:30 – Quick Hits: Luis Salazar, an Atlanta Braves Minor League coach, was hit in the face with a line drive. He had his eye removed today.

2:35 – Bracket Dan: Live from Houston. 13 Belmont versus 4 Wisconsin is a popular upset pick but Bracket Dan thinks otherwise. It sounds like Bracket Dan is reading Norm’s notes. Lots of heartbreak with Texas in the bracket over the last few years, Bracket Dan thinks it will be a difficult battle. He needs to get tazed. Does BYU have a chance this year, Bracket Dan? The Cougars are a jump shooting team, but he wouldn’t be surprised if they move on further than people think. Vague. What are some good white teams to pick in the tournament, Bracket Dan? He doesn’t see color. Idiocracy.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 2003, Rachel Corrie chained herself to a Palestinian home and they bulldozed it down and she died. Happy Birthday to Todd Heap, Ozzie Newsome, Erik Estrada, Flava Flav, Liquid Gold 16, Judah Friedlander, Jerry Lewis, Nancy Wilson and Chuck Woolery. Spares today are MacCarthur Lane, Rodney Peete and Trevor Wilson. RIP James Madison, Pat Nixon and Nate Dogg.

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