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BaD Radio - Recap - 3/2/11

Wednesday 3/2/11

Episode: 2883

Location: Media Day at Texas Motor Speedway

The Mix: “Is Danica Patrick the most overrated Sports Hot?” - Dan

The Open: “Stop Bogarting the fatty.” Danica Patrick and Denny Hamlin will join the show later on. Where’s Rich Phillips when you need him. A great Stars game last night was seen by very few because they got bumped to the Fox Sports Alternate Alternate Alternate Channel. Dan is calling for the ball; he’s always looking for a new restaurant and enjoys it when a new one opens up around his house. At a new pizza place, he notices that there is a little bit of idiocracy when it comes to flat-screens, game rooms and music blaring. “Do you like BJs” – Bob.

12:35 – Denny Hamlin: Going into the last race last year he was in first place in the standings, yet he failed to clinch the title. That finish has been a fueling agent for his races this year. He tore his ACL a year ago playing pick-up basketball, had surgery in April and was back racing a few weeks later. It was his left knee and that is his braking leg (they don’t use the right foot to brake like street drivers). In his contract there aren’t clauses saying you can’t do outside activities but they do ask that you limit the risk outside of racing. He knew LeBron was going to Miami because Michael Jordan told him while they were playing golf.

12:55 – What’s on My TiVo?: Dan has some ratings and Bob has a question, “Has American Idol’s ratings dropped since Simon Cowell left the show?” It hasn’t really dropped that much. Keeping with the ratings theme, the Super Bowl had 111 million viewers while the Oscars only had 37 million. Dan’s homework assignment to Bob, catch up on Lights Out. Dan just wants a show to talk about. It’s a ridiculous show. Bob watched Episode 2 of Chicago Code and he doesn’t think that it’s as bad as Dan initially described.

1:20 – NFL Lockout Talk: With the deadline quickly approaching for a new labor deal to be done, some news came out yesterday which is good news for fans wanting football next season. The owners, years ago, negotiated that they would get paid their TV money regardless of a lockout or not ($4.2 billion) Judge David Doty ruled that is illegal and will not allow the owners to collect that sum. Now the owners have something to lose. How this affects the new labor agreement, only time will tell.

1:35 – Stars Talk: Check out Bob’s breakdown of the game winning goal by Jamie Benn last night.

2:00 – Donovan’s Series on Samples in Music:

Eminem “My Name Is”. Sample used: Labi Siffre “I Got The”. (2:15 Mark)

Dr. Dre “The Next Episode”. Sample used: David McCallum “The Edge”.

Beastie Boys “She’s Crafty”. Sample used: Led Zepplin “The Ocean”.

Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey”. Sample used: Wild Sugar “Bring it Here”.

2:20 – Danica Patrick: She’s racing in on the Nationwide Tour and Indy Car Series, so she has a full schedule again this year. She doesn’t remember Dan’s name and he nervously asks how long she’s been married. On being on tv talk shows, she says that there is always a pre-interview before you go on the show. As far as TV Commercials are concerned, when she’s reading the scripts she’ll say yes to the products and commercials that make sense. It usually takes her a day to film a commercial. She’s a good sport!

2:40 – Post-Danica Talk: Donovan notices that when Bob and Dan have a set of boobs in front of them, they bicker like brothers trying to attract the same girl. All the while, Killer is bright red because Danica thinks that his radio name is Horn Dog. Bob’s first day at the Ticket he was pitched a hair transplant. He said, “No”. Let’s get on track with the Mavericks. Tyson Chandler sprained his ankle last night but it’s being reported that it’s not serious. The Mavs championship run this year hinges very strongly on Tyson Chandler’s health and defensive presence.

3:00 – WTDS: Corby is back. On this day in 1861, Texas seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate. Happy Birthday to Ron Gant, Pete Johnson, Bill Maas, Ben Roethlisberger, John Bon Jovi, Ian Woosnam and Chris Martin.

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